What to Expect

The first step would be to fill out the patient forms.Although all the questions may not seem relevant to your primary concern, it helps us determine the unique pattern of the imbalance that may be causing the ailment and its symptoms. It would also be helpful for the diagnosis; if you bring any recent blood work and a list of medications. We recommend downloading and filling out the form before your first visit to save time.

  • Don’t scrub your tongue clean the night before treatment. The coating on your tongue is a primary diagnostic tool for an acupuncturist. It helps them assess your digestive health and the working of your inner systems.
  • Avoid having coffee at least a couple of hours before your treatment. Coffee releases chemicals which stimulate your body into releasing stress responses, which is the exact opposite of what an acupuncture treatment aims to do.
  • Don’t go to treatment on an empty stomach.
  • Wear loose clothing for easy accessibility of the acupuncture points. In case, you aren’t able to; we’ll provide scrubs for you to change into.

The first session usually takes around 1.5 hours, because it also involves assessing your health history and your lifestyle routines. The actual treatment usually takes approximately one hour.

The response time to the treatment depends on the type of ailment, and each patient’s body. Acute conditions usually take a few sessions, whereas some chronic conditions may even take a few months. Most patients, however, start feeling changes immediately after one session. Some conditions may require weekly treatments, while some more severe cases may even need 2-3 sessions per week during the initial phase of the treatment. After the completion of your first visit, the recommended length of treatment will be discussed with you.

Patients typically report feeling relaxed and calm. In some cases, if the experience is intense, there may be some drowsiness or tiredness for a few hours.

After a session, it is recommended to avoid activities that may cause excessive physical or mental stress. Also, avoid heavy meals and alcohol.

Done by a well-trained registered professional, acupuncture is a safe treatment. Sterile, single-use needles are used for your safety. Professional acupuncturists have to learn about anatomy, chemistry, physiology, pharmaceutical drugs, and medical red flags during their training. So in case, there are cases when you need to be referred out, you can rest assured that it’ll be detected quickly.

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