About Erryn McAloney, R.Ac

Erryn McAloney is a registered acupuncturist and has been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for six years. A current member with the College of Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists of British Columbia, Erryn is dedicated to continue furthering her education and honing her expertise.

Most recently, she has studied clinical application of IV nutrients therapy, pulmonary diseases, advanced anatomy, sports medicine, segmented therapy, peri neural injections, trigger point, and food sensitivity and allergy testing.


Holistic Approach

Historically, traditional Chinese medicine was used as a preventive measure rather than a curative response. Acupuncture has numerous benefits at any point in our lives, not solely in the presence of injury or disease.

Erryn believes in the holistic whole body approach to keep you healthy. This is called the root and branch theory. Instead of chasing the symptoms of an illness - the branch - she looks at the body as a whole, analyzing it to determine the root cause of your condition. This allows her to customize a treatment plan, while you are at the clinic, which also follows through at home so you can achieve a healthier, more vibrant life.

Treatments Offered by Erryn

Weight Loss


Auricular (Ear Acupuncture)


Electro Needling

Gua Sha

Laser Acupuncture

Energy Balancing